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Good Design Practices

Design Practices

Design & Development

We design & develop the disposable medical devices; especially expertise in small bore connector devices. Combination of genius engineers & scientists helps us in developing the product by considering all safety & quality criteria’s.

Design & Development carried out with Design Input, Verification, and Design Output & Validation.


“Are we building the thing right?”


“Have we built the right thing?”

Design & development various medical disposable devices including ISO 80369: A small bore connector devices for medical applications:

All small bore connectors are defined with appropriate anatomical location &are categorized to use for specific application with unique geometrical design. These new connectors are designed to avoid misconnection while patient treatment/alleviations.

Medzus Medical Follows below ISO standards with specific applications

ISO 80369-2: Respiratory/Breathing System Connectors

ISO 80369-3: Enteral Feeding Connectors

ISO 80369-4: Urinary/Urethral Connectors

ISO 80369-5: Blood Pressure (Limb Cuff Inflation) Connectors

ISO 80369-6: Neuraxial (Spinal, Epidural & Regional Anaesthesia) Connectors

ISO 80369-7: Intravascular/Hypodermic Connectors (Know as luer fittings)

Product Design & Development

We design product at prime and then design towards cost & for ease of manufacturing. Our design for manufacturing and assembly relies on the advanced manufacturing technologies.

CAD/CAM Services

CAD/CAM Design Service implies that an engineer can use the system both for designing a product and for controlling manufacturing processes.

Product Design Analysis

Analysis of the product design is of vast importance as it enables us to actually judge the product design in a complete way.

Rapid Prototyping

Wide range of rapid prototyping technologies and materials helps us to achieve our prototyping goals.