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ISO 80369-5: Blood Pressure (Limb Cuff Inflation) Connector Devices

ISO 80369-5

Blood Pressure (Limb Cuff Inflation) Connector Devices

Blood pressure cuffs devices and other non-invasive blood pressure devices are used to inflate the blood pressure cuff to test a patient’s blood pressure. IEC 80369-5:2016 was published in March 2016 to provide specifications for the small-bore connectors used with blood pressure cuffs.

BPfit is designed to ensure that Respiratory/Breathing System connectors are incompatible with the connectors for unrelated delivery systems such as neuraxial, enteral, intravascular & breathing devices. Misconnections involving such medical devices may be relatively rare compared with the number of patients needing tubes or IVs, but such misconnections can have deadly consequences when they do occur.

Medzus Medical is committed to the prevention of misconnections and actively supports the ongoing worldwide patient safety initiatives dedicated to reducing tubing misconnections by committed to supplying ISO 80369-5 compliance devices.