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Image of Power: The Replica Rolex President

The Replica Rolex Day-Date, affectionately known as the Replica Rolex President in the United States, is possibly the most revered Replica Rolex model and definitely one of the pricier ones. The Day-Date name is much more easily explained than the American President nickname. The name "Day-Date?refers to the fact that the fake watch displays both the day (Monday, Tuesday, etc? and the date (1,2,3?. This model was the first of its kind and was first introduced in 1956 to critical acclaim. It has since then become the pinnacle fake watch in the Replica Rolex collection and often the first fake watch thought of when anyone mentions the Replica Rolex brand.

Rolex Day-Date President ref. 228235

From Day-Date to Replica Rolex President

Why the Day-Date is known as the President in the United States has a little uncertainty and mystery behind it. Some people believe that it is named the President because in 1948 Dwight Eisenhower was awarded a Replica Rolex DateJust by Replica Rolex SA in celebration of the allied victory over Nazi Germany and the Axis after World War II and when his band needed to be replaced in 1956 Replica Rolex supplied him with the band exclusively made for the Day-Date fake watch which has a hidden clasp and is now known as the "president?bracelet. Because of this, the Day-Date fake watch itself was nicknamed the president watch. Others believe that the Day-Date collection is affectionately known as the Replica Rolex President simply because so many presidents have worn it including FDR, JFK, Nixon, and Ford. Whatever the reason, the Replica Rolex Day-Date will forever be known as the President. Some of the most influential people in the world purchase new and also vintage Replica Rolex Presidents.

Vintage Replica Rolex Day-Date President 1803 is a classic fake watch for any Replica Rolex Enthusiast.

Celebrities have also been known for replica watches fancying this beautiful model. John Mayer, the singer/songwriter, is a known collector of Replica Rolex President replica watches and is rumored to have given one to both of his recent girlfriends Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. Whoopi Goldberg can be seen wearing a Day-Date in the movie The Burglar and sports it very well. Roger Federer, the famous tennis star, and Cameron Diaz have also been seen wearing this model.

Rolex President Datejust ref. 69138 can be found in on our site.

This fake watch has not been eclipsed in recent politics either. The Replica Rolex Day-Date has been seen on the wrists of President Barack Obama and his ex-competition, the late John McCain. So if you found this page searching "buy pre-owned Replica Rolex President?or "Where to buy a Replica Rolex Day-Date?because you felt uneasy about eBay or Craigslist, please browse our vintage Replica Rolex inventory.

Jennifer Aniston wearing a Replica Rolex Day-Date President with husband Justin Theroux (Image: Mirror.co.uk/Getty)

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